Areal Photography, Inspire, DJI


Since 2014, F-TECH Production specialized in filming sports, commercial and industry by using remote drones.
We combine our passion for flying, filming, photographing with the admiration we have for nature, architecture and sports.
We usually work in pairs and use different drones with stabilized and controlled gimbals to get the perfect shot.
We are also E.N.A.C. certified, officially registered and allowed to use drones for commercial use. Our trained pilots have the technical knowledge and the necessary experience to help you realize all of your projects.

 Technical information:

– Certified by the Italian Civil Aviation Authority ENAC
– Special permits → on request
– Flight range: 1 – 150 meters, the pilot must always have visual contact with the Multicopter (Vlos = visual line of sight)
– Weather: no rain or snow; Max. Wind Speed: 15 kt = 30 km/h
– no flights over public places
– no flights in controlled airspace (ex. near airports)
– no overflight of crowds
– no flights in areas where there are cables of any kind (power cables, cable car ropes …).

– Preparation time: 10 – 30 min.
– Liability Insurance: Included

Available drones:
– DJI Inspire: second operator and two camera options: x3 (Full HD) or x5raw (4k raw)
– DJI Phantom: quick and small drone (4K video)


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